Purchase Bitcoin and other Digital Assets with spare change roundups

Accumulate your favorite digital assets when making everyday purchases
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End to End Encryption

We calculate roundups with read only access to your checking or bank card via Plaid's world class API.

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The World's Most Trusted Exchanges

Buys are executed with your chosen funding source in your chosen exchange. Funding sources and coins are all contained in the exchange, secure and insured.

Supported Exchanges

Voyager Coinbase Kraken OKCoin


Which banks / accounts can you connect to?

We use Plaid, an industry-leading technology used by American Express, Coinbase, Voyager, Acorns, and Venmo for safely connecting all major checking and credit card accounts to financial applications. We never have access to your financial institution's credentials, and can never save, store, or share this data with anyone.

Where are my crypto currencies / coins stored?

Your chosen exchange account holds all crypto assets purchased on RoundlyX.

How do I know my purchases are safe?

By design, only purchases can be made on RoundlyX. There is no connection to sell or transfer assets.

Can I make recurring monthly contributions to save/purchase more?

RoundlyX gives you three ways to purchase: roundup purchases, recurring purchases, and quick buys.

How do I obtain my crypto transaction activity for reporting, tax, etc. purposes?

All purchase activity is recorded in your chosen exchange account and will be documented in the exchange's tax reporting documentation.

Can I control my Roundup activity?

Yes, roundup and recurring purchases can be paused or activated at any time.

How do I contact you if I have any issues?

You can contact us online at hello@roundlyx.com, or on telegram

Build Wealth Not Stress

Tame Market Volatility

Safer exposure to a once-in-a-generation asset class through automated micro deposits that rounds up your purchases to the next dollar to buy digital assets on your chosen exchange.

Don’t Try to Time the Markets

Dollar Cost Averaging is a proven, responsible strategy to build a digital asset portfolio.

Set It and Forget It

Purchases from your account are rounded up into your targeted crypto assets, secured and stored on your chosen exchange.