How it Works

See how easy it is to get started

Connect your bank/card

Securely connect the account or card you use to make everyday purchases.

Connect your Cryptocurrency Exchange account

Securely connect your exchange account to purchase Cryptocurrencies. All crypto assets will be custodied inside your exchange account.

Make a purchase

Every time you buy something, we will roundup your purchase to the nearest dollar. Once your roundups accumulate to a certain level, a purchase of cryptocurrency will be triggered.

Invest your change

Watch your investments grow as we automatically invest your spare change into cryptocurrency.

Additional questions you may have

Can I connect multiple exchange accounts?

Yes, and you should! Connecting multiple exchanges builds a comprehensive portfolio view. No more logging into exchange accounts separately, manage them all via your RoundlyX Dashboard!You can even roundup into different assets on different exchanges. For example, roundup into bitcoin on Voyager exchange and the Ethereum on Coinbase... as the same time! *If you want to enjoy the combined portfolio view but only roundup using one connected exchange, then make sure you turn roundups 'off' in the connected but unused exchange (Dashboard > 'Crypto Exchanges' >> find the connected but unused exchange >>> turn roundups off in the 'Roundup Invest' section).

How do I select the asset I would like to automate purchasing?

In the dashboard, navigate to the 'Crypto Exchanges' section and select 'Current Investment Asset', then pick from the many crypto assets available.

Why are my roundups not showing up?

For new accounts it may take up to 36 hours for transaction data to populate. If more than 36 hours has passed then ensure you have the correct 'Roundup Source' selected(Dashboard > 'Crypto Exchanges' >> 'Roundup Source' button >>> select the specific roundup source at your Plaid connected institution)

How do Roundups actually work?

Via Plaid we 'view only' your bank/card transactions. We then compile roundups until they hit a certain trigger level. A purchase of the crypto asset you have pre-selected is then made with funds for the purchase drafting from your exchange funding source.

What is 'Immediate Invest'?

An easy way for you to make one-time purchases of cryptocurrency. Complement your roundup investing with the ability to quickly buy with Immediate Invest.

What is 'Roundup Multiplier'?

Apply a predetermined multiple to your roundups and trigger roundup spare change investments faster.

What is 'Roundup Invest'?

Shows how close you are to triggering a roundup purchase of cryptocurrency.

What is 'Recurring Monthly Investment'?

You can elect to have a predetermined amount of cryptocurrency purchased automatically on the fifteenth of every month.

What are Previous Purchases on the History Page?

These are the totals of your Roundup/Immediate/Recurring purchases over time.