Build wealth in crypto using your spare change

Invest your change into a personalized crypto portfolio
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Build Wealth Not Stress

Tame market volatility

Safer exposure to a once-in-a-generation asset class through automated micro deposits that rounds up your purchases to the next dollar to buy digital assets on Coinbase.

Don’t Try to Time the Markets

Dollar Cost Averaging is a proven, responsible strategy to build a digital asset portfolio.

Set It and Forget It

Automated investing from your account rounded up change into your targeted crypto assets, secured and stored on Coinbase.

How It Works

  • Connect your charge/checking and Coinbase accounts through our Plaid integration.
  • Select a portfolio allocation, i.e. 50% Bitcoin 50% Litecoin
  • Kick back! RoundlyX invests your spare change for you.


"The perfect service for a passive crypto investor"
Alyson Intihar
"Thanks guys, just made my first purchase! 😁"
Bill Trilot
"A new brilliant concept which would help those who are not sure how to enter the cryptocurrency world to make the first step."

RoundlyX In Action